Are the insects real?

Yes! All Bees and Wings specimens are real. 

Where do you get them?

We source specimens from many different places. Typically, our butterflies and moths come from butterfly aviaries in third-world countries. These aviaries house butterflies and moths from ovum to adulthood. Once fully grown, half are released into the wild to increase their population. The other half remain in the aviaries to live out their full lives, which is only a week or so. After their natural death, butterflies and moths are collected and sold to museums, universities, and businesses like Bees and Wings. Each purchase provides financial incentives to these countries to maintain the native flora and fauna as well as the butterfly and moth population. Our bees are mostly sourced from local beekeepers. 

All Bees and Wings specimens are ethically, responsibly, and sustainably sourced. They are NEVER harmed or killed for the sake of art. 

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, so long as we are able to source the specimen! We are also happy to make custom botanical keychains and necklaces for a small additional fee. 

Care instructions?

Keep your framed insects out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Dried specimens are very fragile. If your order comes broken, please let us know! We do our best to package orders as safely as possibly, but sometimes damage can occur during transit. 

If your framed insect happens to fall or gets knocked over, it may lose a wing or body part. If this occurs, you can glue the broken piece back together (eyelash glue works well). If you are not comfortable performing surgery on your specimen, please let us know so we can arrange a way to get it repaired!